Help with images in Tkinter

I’m trying to add an image to a label in Tkinter, but all of the methods I’ve found online, including from the Tk docs, do not work. I keep getting a image “pyimage1” doesn’t exist.
At this point I don’t have any code snippets to share as I don’t have anything down, I just need to know how to use images with Tkinter.

We’re going to need to see some code to help you with the ““pyimage1” doesn’t exist” bit. Have you added the image to the repl? Is the paths to the image correct?

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It’s added to the repl and the path should be correct as it’s in the same working direction as my I’ll get you some of the code I tried when I get back on my PC.

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import tkinter as tk
from PIL import Image, ImageTk

root = tk.Tk()

playFrame = tk.Frame(root)

test = ImageTk.PhotoImage("image.png"))
testPhotoList = [test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test]

scenery = tk.Label(playFrame, image = testPhotoList[0])
scenery.grid(sticky = "NSEW")

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Thanks @ThomasWarenski, what error are you getting with this code?

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The error is:

_tkinter.TclError: image “pyimage1” doesn’t exist

For your reference, my repl link is:

I’ve commented out the troublesome code so I can continue to work on other parts. However, anyone, feel free to copy any and all of my code into your own repl to test it if you think you could help.
Thank you,

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You can use Tklib2 if you want:

Images in Tklib2

Images are easy too!

import tklib2 as tklib 
banana = tklib.Image('banana.png', 10)

The first parameter is the image path. The second is again optional and is the padding as an integer. It defaults to 5.