Help creating a template for google apps script

Hey all, Does anyone know if it is possible for me to create a replit that I can test code from a google apps script in? I’m learning as I go that apps script is a little like JavaScript but with some limitations. Anyway, I like using Replit, it’s easy for me to understand and use on my phone. It would be great if I could write and test apps script code on replit as well. Thanks everyone for the help!

Hi @TheMiddleton , welcome to the forums! Could you please state the language that you want to test your code in? What language is your Google Apps Script code in?

Hi, thanks for the reply. google apps script is the language. it is used to create google add ons or extensions for google docs, sheets, slides, and so on.

Hmm… afaik Google Apps Script isn’t available as a language on Replit.

I know. I was hoping I could make a template that would make it work.

If you want other Replit users to help you, you can put this under the ‘Collaborations’ tag.