Help a beginner to get a Discord bot working

Hi. I’m a legit beginner at coding & know little-to-nothing about the topic. I’ve been trying to get this bot to work on Discord, however, I’m not used to C# (slightly used to Python).

In short: How do I get this bot to work & what do I need to do? I realize it’s not a very “specific” question, but I am, very much, a beginner.

I dont have access to repl

Sorry about that. I forgot it was private, but i changed it to public now so you should be able to access it.

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I suggest you to use or discord.js because you are like only one coding bots with cs


Thanks for replying. I imported this entire thing from a github repository & replit suggested the C# language so i just kinda went with it tbh.

So should i import it again, but with one of the suggestions you mentioned or is it something else I need to do?

Hey @BertilStubbe !
What language is the repo in?

Hi. A brief reply since i have to go back to work now, but this is the repo in question.

I suggest you to try this one. GitHub - Tomato6966/Multipurpose-discord-bot: A multipurpose bot, a clan bot, a all in one bot. The one bot u need for ur server originally made as Milrato discord Bot and by Tomato6966.

I’ll check it out when I get home. Will this bot have the whole “uwu curse” thing though? That’s the only thing im really after with this bot.

Ok, so I checked out the repo you suggested, but it doesn’t do the thing I want it to do. Sorry if I was unclear before, but the bot I tried importing earlier has a command where you can tag another user & they will be “Uwu:ed” meaning their comments will be “translated” into uwu language.

That’s pretty much the only thing I’m after with this one.