Hello there :')

Hello! I’m DigitalKandra, I’ve been coding for several years now, but I’m only just now, really getting into it. Currently, I only know HTML and CSS, but I’m teaching myself Python, and Javascript; in the near future, I hope to learn PHP, C, Ruby, and SQL.
I’m not quite sure what I’m going to go into as a profession, it will either be cybersecurity/ethical hacking or military.

Some other stuff about me
I’m a huge Fandom User, you can find me under the username “Moonwatcher x Qibli,” I’m mainly an Administrator and Bureaucrat over there, as well as a Fandom Star.
I love to read, mainly Fiction, such as works’ by Brent Weeks, and Brandom Sanderson; as well as to write. To see some of the things I’ve written go to my website https://the-bookshelf.replit.app/Chapbook.html.


Welcome to Ask @DigitalKandra!