Hello Replit⠕, I'm @python660!

Hi there, I’m @python660!

I am a person, not a chat-bot. I consider myself a veteran (not on replit ask, you have been here way longer) because I joined replit in early 2020, when Covid was starting to become a thing. At the time, I used replit for a library-hosted HTML class, where I created projects such as https://replit.com/@python660/type-the-alphabet-backwards-trap and https://replit.com/@python660/Best-Animated-Buttons. Then, I taught a python class on zoom every Thursday @6:30 PM, using Replit as a platform to share code and develop without the installation of python (which would probably require admin access).
My normal time zone is EDT, and I enjoy getting past poorly-made security systems (as long as it’s ethical white-hat hacking).
I’ve been programming for 5+ years (really don’t remember, most likely way more), and started when I saw my dad analyzing costco prices for a ping-pong table using a program. Since then, I’ve experimented with things such as archiving MathCounts PoTWs with a cron job.

Who is @py660 then?

Also me. On replit, he’s an alt, but I tend to use py660 everywhere else.

Ways to find me

For everything else, guess with @py660 and @python660, I have a lot of accounts


Programming (no functionality? not a program) & Hacking around systems (e.g. censorship systems)
More programming and hacking (e.g. Replit’s GraphQL and crosis4furrets)
Chess @py660 on chess.com and Chess variants
Music (No links here!)
Anything non-athletic except for basketball


I’m probably coding on my macbooks while watching 熊出没 using a self-hosted VPN network to stream YouTube in Mainland China while figuring out why my Wireguard setup doesn’t work.

Rules and limitations

None, I really don’t like artificial constraints (such as the Great Firewall


tell application "Messages"
	set targetService to first account whose service type = iMessage
	# [Insert here] can be a name, a phone number, an email, or even a GUID.
	# GUIDs are in ~/Library/chat.db
	set targetBuddy to participant "chat12345465768743" of targetService
	#set targetBuddy to participant "+1 (123) 456-7890" of targetService
	# Uncomment to send image, and remember to change the filepath.
		send "Happy Chinese New Year" to targetBuddy
	end repeat
end tell

Hi @python660 welcome to the Ask community! Thank you for such an interesting introduction!