Hello Replit Communication. Will the new update of hosting effect the free plan?

Hello Replit Communication. Will the new update of hosting effect the free plan? Because the free plan is free… and I dont understand will I need pay?? Since I do not have an money…

Static deployment remains free for all plans. Other types of deployment are paid.

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So this change will not effect free plan ? and I wont need pay anything?

You won’t need to pay unless you’re going to use a reserved VM or autoscaling deployment.

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No I mean Im asking because Im using normally free plan for my music api for discord bot. It only uses 88 MiB and I use uptimerobot. I only use that. So Im asking will this effect free plan?? I never used anything or an payed feature so I am asking

After the update, pingers such as Uptimerobot will not work, and deployment would be the only option to keep your repl running.

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but what if i use another service like idk herokuapp??? (Also WILL I NEED TO PAY. SINCE I DO NOT HAVE AN MONEY. WILL I NEED PAY REPL)

If you’d like to continue to run your API on Replit, and it needs to run 24/7, then yes, you will have to pay for a Reserved VM.

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it is discord.js coded in keepalive.js but the replit makes it go offline when it is not being used. and when I run the command music it goes online…

Yes, this is because you need to use a Reserved VM deployment.

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as I know it always would give an error and bot is displaying DND from other server being hosted. When api is online it displays online.

why?? it isnt 24/7h…

So then what is going wrong?

Yes, the new update affects everyone regardless of plans. Deployments are replacing always on, they stay on all of the time. If anything you deploy has a backend such as a Discord bot in your case, you will need to pay for the Autoscale or ReservedVM deployments. If it doesn’t have a backend such as a static websites, you can deploy for free using Static hosting. I hope this helps!