Hello from day97: humanlike support for replit member (me)

hi replit community, indra dev here, today i complete day 97 from #100daysofpython. And i look for your support. Like human. I have 5 year experience in brand-management, and near 2 year in python. but i need a money in form of job with agreement/grant/investments. I can send my CV by request. And here my story: after events 2020 in belarus ā€” belarus authority moves me in concentration camp, than i move to ukraine, and now i have lifelong political protection in EU. I coded advertising agency with ai model in core, this agency officially registered here, but i need little bit more time to do site and host clients; now iā€™m on 0, have few days of housing, and need in this housing to prolongate my documents. Mb i can help you for stable money? bounties are good but my mindset can focus on longterm projects, planning tham in asana, and develop tham; If you interest to check my agency program for you ā€” its be cool, here videodemo: Redirecting...

Hello @indrad3v4!

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