Having to enter phone number for static deployments

Problem description

Had this problem a while ago but wanted to post now. Basically after finally entering a credit card into Replit, it is now asking for a phone number.

Expected behavior

After entering a credit card, static deployments should be unlocked. There has not been a phone number popup for other people I know who did it.

Actual behavior

Deployments pane asks for a phone number to verify.

Steps to reproduce

Open Deployments pane, enter credit card info, then be prompted to enter phone number.




Windows 11 Home

Device if mobile




I added it under replit.com/account a while back. Though I never connected a credit card before.
I think you may need both for all deployments?

I think it’s only when multiple accounts use the same credit card. Because it didn’t ask on my main, but when I tried to add it to my alt, it asked for a phone number. IDK.

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