'Hack' websites with this

Make a bookmark called Hack
It’s URL should be this:

javascript: const hack = (element) => {  var i = 0;  var limit = 100;  var paragraphs = document.getElementsByTagName(element);  while (i < limit && i < paragraphs.length) {    paragraphs[i].innerText = "hacked lol";    i++;  };}; hack('style');hack('body');hack('head');

Just go to a website and then press the Hack bookmark.


You aren’t actually hacking anything and you can restore the website by refreshing the page.


How did you create this :thinking:

Gotta change the title incase people think you are actually trying to hack a website ( I never knew TL3 had that kind of power ) . This is cool btw.


I used my brain :nerd_face:
(And maybe Phind)

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No, as in the URL. How come it isn’t a https one?

URLs starting with javascript: will execute anything after it.
for example, javascript: window.alert('Hello!') will alert hello.

Soo… what is this thing supposed to do?

Replace the contents of a website (for one session) (if I know what “session” means)

Replaces it with what data?

it replaces it with hacked lol

After all that code? Put a more meaningful message :wink: . I might see if I can use this to hack a computer. (That was a joke, please don’t suspend me)

Great bookmark btw! (I’m gonna try this on my pc later cos my phone can process this) :+1:

yall read the note :skull:

You just gave me an idea to make a npm/python module called rickroll.py or rickroll.js

I might even make a poll to ask which one everyone wants.

just type link makes it easy