Developer Applications

Hello, i’m currently looking for developers who would want to build a .io game with me!

So basically this game is like, but with guns and game modes and maybe even a spectator mode. I’m trying to get developers to help me code it. There are currently 3 more spots left to join to become a developer for us! Down below, please comment your developer application, why you think you should be a developer for us, and what was your hardest project you coded.

Also, Cycles and earnings made from the game will also go to you if you’re a developer for us!

Here Our team! you can see how many spots are left to become a developer!


Hey @SketchxGFX!

What languages is this made with? Any art you need I could possibly do, I just need to think about it. If there is HTML or CSS I could possibly do that as well.

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node.js, html, css, js

What kind of HTML, CSS is being done, is it similar to websites? In that case I could help be a developer with that.

I might be able to help with some JS!
(I might also make some assets if you need)