GraphQL Profile!

It basically just takes a user’s data with GraphQL and puts it on a website. Also allows you to get more info about the user’s account creation date, favorite languages, and pinned Repls. I don’t see this getting on trending in the near future because of competitors, but I hope it does. You can also get info about ALL the user’s roles, not just the ones that usually show on the profile page. The cover image also takes up the whole webpage as a background image, and it has a default cover image for users without a cover image. You can open the Repl and press Show Code for the GraphQL query (in

Try this link to run the Repl:
Click me

or this link, if the previous link doesn’t work:
This should work


It seems like we've encountered an issue. Try waiting 30 seconds and then reloading. If it doesn't work, it's probably because we're updating and fixing bugs right now.

Should work now. I don’t know what was happening.

Works now, but that gradient is BLINDING, lol.

Little CSS glitch and pfp is bigger than my screen.

@Firepup650 I can change the gradient ifyou want.
@CoderElijah I know, I’m working with @Coder869 to fix it.

Gotta love how my top “favorite language” is Nix, lol.

It’s just how Replit does that. I can’t really tell if you favorited Nix or HTML, so I can’t remove it because then it would be inaccurate.

Yeah no, I just thought it was kinda silly tbh, lol.

A dark mode toggle would be nice :slight_smile:
Also, while I’m at it

*if you

It’s really good! But why does it say I have these badges?

onboarding experience low
intent personal

It says I have verified so…

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This means that when you set up your Replit account, you said that you have low experience at programming and you intend to use it for personal use (as opposed to education or work)

I know, a lot of people are verified.

Who is looking up MatanFromRoblox? I see it in the console

Why does that matter? They’re a user on Replit. It wasn’t me, but your interest in this particular name is puzzling.

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Yes, I know, I’m just pointing out that I see everything everybody is doing in the POWERFUL CONSOLE!!!

Internal Error! Nooo!

Yeah, I guess I’ll fix it.