Got ddos attack on replit deployment

i got ddos attack from unknow person .
how to do avoid it if i use Autoscale to deploy.
is there any way to ban the same ip request ?
thank you .
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Hi @carterwu768210 , welcome back!
What Deployment method are you currently using?
And yes, Autoscale Deployments do come with DDoS protection.

(1 vCPU / 2 GiB RAM / 3 Max)
this is what i am using ,but i got DDoS attack .

please help how to set the deploy the defend

DDOS protection is included so you shouldnt be getting DDOSed. I have sent this to Replit staff, you will likly need to wait until after the new year for a response.


How do you know you got attacked?

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They went from getting 0 requests to up to ~1,100,000 requests an hour


because the hacker wrote to me to pay him :rofl:

thank you , i will wait for it


Hey @carterwu768210!

I have escalated this to the engineering team and will let you know as soon as I have an update!


haha, im just curious what was the email like, ominously worded, or just straight out “GImMeH Da mONeY orr DDDoSS”?