Google login not working


Over the past two days I have had multiple students not able to log into their accounts. I can see their accounts as part of my team, but when they log in (as they always have using google), it is creating a new account.

I see that there is a status issue with logins, but is this the issue that is being examined?

Thanks so much,

ps. They are currently using these new accounts. Will there be a way to merge the files on these two accounts after the issue is resolved?


We are a K-12 school district in CA, and recently we blocked/approved hundreds of third party apps in Google Admin Console. We have HS students that take JC classes that now cannot login to replit via Google sign in. Today is October 23, 2023.
How do we approve replit app in Google Admin Console? Thanks.

I believe school districts have to make changes on their end. This blog post from Google should help.