Go: Run a Non main package hangs the console

Problem description:
When we >Run a GoModule, with a Non-main package. It hangs at the console with below error

We are further unable to use the console unless you close and re-open replit.

Expected behavior:
Actually the generated main executable cannot run as expected so it expected to show relevant error like below

/main: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./main: line 1: !’

Instead of Using Run in Replit, if we could execute the below 2 commands like (>Run) in shell, we get above errors.
~/Go-Basics$ go build -o main .
~/Go-Basics$ ./main

Actual behavior:
Running the non-main package in the module hangs the console instead of throwing above error/relevant error and let us continue further executing on the console.

Steps to reproduce:

You can check my project Go-Basics.

Bug appears at this link: