Global Powerups (an alternative to the per-Repl Powerup)

Describe your feature request

Currently if I want to buy a Boost, a GPU, or any powerup on Replit I pay per Repl. I rarely buy a powerup with the intention of using it long term - boosts are used and disabled while I’m building a website in dev mode, GPUs are bought and gotten rid of when I realize building AI tools on Replit is pretty hard until Infinity Drive comes out xD.

I personally don’t like this model because it leads to a greater waste of cycles than actual use. I would much rather have the ability to buy x powerups and use that pool across Repls, similar to how powerups worked during the Hacker plan except I can buy more as needed and pay according to the amount of powerups I have in my pool.

This model also gives me a nicer and more flexible way to get into cycles as opposed to Hacker, especially after the pricing changes going in effect this April. The pool of powerups model like it was used in Hacker plan is overall a much nicer experience and leads to less waste of cycles, and more satisfaction :).


Yeah, this definitely makes sense and would make me more inclined to spend my cycles on these features. Not sure how it could work with some power-ups such as PostgreSQL database though.


Well I think you get the url and stuff so if you really wanted to you can make it global with out doing it.


I mean technically the DB is global cause once you the connection string in secrets, you can connection anywhere - this request is catered more towards powerups not tools :slight_smile:


Yeah, I prefer to use my Cycles for tipping people!