Fresh Web App join me and let’s work together!

Hey everyone here I’ve started to outline my first project and would love to have some contributors it is also pushed to GitHub and GitHub is linked to my slack so if you like the roadmap so far please push to GitHub some edits preferably on par with the road map or they won’t get published but do that and provide something successfully even if it’s just a syntax change and at that point if you want all in your in and can join all linked channels of production of this project. Or just clone the repository from GitHub and edit and push on your own. The ReadMe file will be constantly updated with the roadmap as we go an outline of tasks ect. Will be there as a guide so we can stay on target and learn together in an organized manner!


I’m not very good at web development, so I’m unlikely to be able to help in any way.

I know that @RedCoder can be a full-stack developer, maybe he can help you?


Thank you for the notice of my abilities. I am a semi-full stack dev and would be happy to help if I knew more about the project.


Check out this and my GitHub link to find everything you need to know about the project!

And check the GitHub link I’m doing this project to learn see how far I’ve gotten in two days I’ve never even really coded before but I am meticulously organized so learning as I go is easy as will it be for every other contributor

BTW: It would be preferable that you didn’t include spaces or special characters in important and/or non-user-accessible (e.g. not intended for direct access by client) as that can cause issues in commands (such as needing to escape the space in bash), and because it is a coding convention. Otherwise, this would be a cool concept!

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