Forum Post Reply Indicators are very inconsistent

Problem description:

Lots of times when a user in the forum is not replying to the user, the reply indicator is not shown.


Expected behavior:

I should consistently see reply indicators for each reply to another post.

Actual behavior:

Sometimes there is a reply indicator. But most of the time there isn’t, as shown in the screenshots above.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Simple reply to another user’s reply to a post.

Bug appears at these links:

There are wayy too many to list, but here are the links to the ones shown from the screenshots provided above:

We now have new rules - #7 by CoderElijah

We now have new rules - #9 by JayAySeaOhBee14


Occuring on all Chromium-Based Browsers and on Firefox. This has been untested on Safari, but I believe the bug will persist on there too.


Note a bug but an update to discourse. There used to be no way to disable this iirc but it is disabled by default. Now it’s only shown if the posts are not back to back. You can view some more info on another forum im on Distinction between answered post and added post in thread - Meta - Project Nu


I think he also means there is an abundance of people who do not use the reply feature too?

You wouldent know unless you use the API to view the meta data of every post

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Found some info on meta so to change it we just disable all of them

If you search admin settings for suppress reply you’ll find three different varieties you can disable if that extra context is neccessary: suppress reply directly above, suppress reply directly below, and suppress reply when quoting.

From Replies to last comment in topic indistiguishable from replies to first post - #6 by awesomerobot - ux - Discourse Meta

lol i love that my comment was featured lmao

I had no idea. If you’re right (which I’m sure you are) that’s really annoying. I had been wondering why it didn’t always show Replies anymore. I started pinging people and replying because it didn’t show it as a reply.


I see. Thanks for explaining!

I feel like it would be much better if you disabled those options. Because in my opinion, this just doesn’t look right:

I’ve been wondering for the longest time too! What I’ve started doing is quoting someone of the post of the person that I’m replying to.