For some students, instruction tab does not show up and it could not be found under Tools panel

Problem description:
The instruction tab does not show up for some students. Neither it could be found under Tools panel. The problem seems to happen to a number of students. Some students can still open instruction tab, while some can’t. If the issue happens to such a student, all his/her projects will be affected.

Expected behavior:
The instruction tab shall appear automatically when any student open a project.
An icon to open instruction tab shall be found under the Tools panel.

Actual behavior:
The instruction tab is missing for some students.
An icon to open instruction tab is missing from the Tools panel.

Steps to reproduce:
For a concrete example, a student open her project named Hollow Square of Asterisks. She could not open instruction tab.

Bug appears at this link:

**Browser: Chrome, Safari
OS: Windows, iOS
Device (Android, iOS, n/a leave blank): Desktop, iOS
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Free

Hi @parinyaek , welcome to the forums!
The Instructions tab sometimes takes a while to load.
There are similar bugs like this, and I suggest you use tutorial tabs instead.

Hi NateDhaliwal,

Thank you for your suggestion. Anyway, I do not think that long loading time is a cause of this issue. With 10 minutes or more, the instruction still did not show up. Further, this unexpected behaviour seems to occur to all projects of this group of students.

Hi @parinyaek !
I can understand your issue - the Instructions tab is sometimes buggy.
Like I suggested, you can try creating a tutorial pane instead.
You can do this by creating a folder called . tutorial and put as many Markdown files as you want inside.
When the repl is forked/opened, the Tutorial pane is open, complete with a Table of Contents and multiple pages.
Hope this helps!

Hey @parinyaek!

I believe this issue is similar if not the same as this issue. If it is, please keep an eye on that post for updates on the issue.

If not, please let me know, and I would be happy to look into this separately!


@ShaneAtReplit Thank you. I believe it’s a similar issue to the one you mentioned.


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