First 3 videos of my Python tutorial series!

Constructive criticism is needed:

Thank you for sharing these @TG101 ! I’ll take a look now!

Note for other users, you will have to fork the above repls first

I really like how you have embedded the video in the tutorial pane!

The first piece of feedback I’d share is that your video at 9 mins might benefit from being split into sections e.g. the first two mins cover the UI, which some users might already be aware of so could skip.

My second piece of feedback would be that I love that you explain why error messages appear. It is something I always try to do with my students so that they don’t get upset / confused when the red text appears.

What might be a good thing to add would be text instructions / a transcript in the tutorial so that users can read / translate into another language if required.


Thanks for the feedback!
I wonder what @david.morgan thinks…
Also, @david.morgan, why’d you tipped me for the Monokai theme! I’d like to know your opinions!

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