Alternative + CDN URL Change

Our separate domain has been created to allow for extra security for young learners.

You can read the full details in our blog post. Additionally, please ensure the websites listed here are unblocked for the domain.

** Please note the new CDN URL change to Please make sure you have this url unblocked by July 1 for the best Replit experience.**

Within this domain, users cannot:

  • access the community, search or spotlight features: This means students will have no way to view repls created by those in the community, view comments, create repls, search for repls, or view spotlight repls (trending/highlighted repls).
  • access or create proxies: Students’ code is isolated from the wider Internet, limiting them to accessing a limited set of approved sites needed for package management and running of repls

Users still can:

  • code in a multi-player, collaborative environment with their peers (teachers can assign students to work together in a project)
  • access any projects or repls associated with their account on
  • utilize the Curriculum Hub
  • utilize templates for various languages (this is the only thing that will appear in the search bar)