Firewalled Replit home page still accesses community content


While the new firewalled Replit looks great, student users’ home page still seems to give access to ‘top contributors’ content; am I doing something wrong when setting this up?

I have created a test user account, linked to a test class with members aged under 13, using the firewalled version of Replit (although we have not blocked the normal Replit site yet, which ‘A’ level pupils use).

When the test student user clicks on HOME (left hand side menu) they get the expected content, with a scrolling menu below this of any other users they are following (this could be people outside the organisation I have set up), and content from ‘top contributors’. I believe they can leave comments on other users’ content. They can’t run their repls however.

I am a UK based Comp Sci teacher setting up Replit for the first time. I hope to use this for teaching coding in years 8+, however I am concerned about students accessing inappropriate content. @BrittanyatReplit can you please advise on what is possible?

I would also be very interested to hear from other teachers about their experiences around this issue.

Many thanks.

Just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with the Replit team; I myself am actually a student going into year 11 this year, although I don’t use Replit for school.

Replit is moderated by its staff, sometimes with help from the community, and Replit is very good at eliminating any inappropriate content. Replit’s community in general is great, you don’t come across inappropriate content on Replit often, almost ever really, because Replit has a good community. Sure, there are always that minority who want to ruin it for everyone else, but that’s why Replit is moderated. All in all, I don’t think it’s likely you’ll find students coming across inappropriate content on Replit.

Usually, the concern that schools have is the potential to use Replit to access blocked sites, which is why some schools choose to block Replit, however, using Replit as a proxy is against its terms and conditions of use and proxies are taken down very quickly when used for the wrong thing.

Going back to community content, the top community content has lots of attention, so you can imagine, if any inappropriate content founds its way there (which I find to be highly unlikely), it would be taken down almost immediately since there is so much attention around the top community content. So while I can understand why you’d want to block this content, it is very unlikely you’ll have students stumbling across inappropriate content there.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We can remove the “following” feature on the home page to eliminate the ability for students to see and create comments.