File deleted after running GDB

Hello all,

I’m currently working on a program that utilizes classes and pointers (C++ language). I’m having segmentation dump, so I decided to use the GDB to look into my code. When running GDB, it ends up removing one of my .cpp files. Unsure how to restore this or why it occurs. Attaching images for proof

If your problem is it removing a file, recreate the file and select the history button in the bottom right of the editor. There, you should be able to replay through your file history. I don’t know why GDB would do that, though…

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You seem to have fixed your problem? If a post helped, do mark it as solution

Note that Tools > Debugger uses GDB.
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Thank you. It is an odd situation but I’ll continue to figure it out using that method of the debugger. These pointers (and arrays) are confusing me!

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