Feature Request: Bulk Download of Project Files

I’d love to be able to bulk download all the files in each student project from the “submissions” area.

Currently I add .zip to the end of each replit link, but that downloads the venv folder that’s about 60+ MB’s per assignment. While that’s not helping replit’s servers it’s also a pain to work with. I understand we can try to work with students downloading it themselves for submission, but that makes tracking their work more difficult

For myself this would let me quickly run projects thru MOSS and for some smaller assignments it’s just quicker to read the code then load up and run.

Please hook us up with bulk project download!


Hi @ND-McDowell thanks for your suggestion.

To make sure that Replit can track feature requests and ideas for future changes please use the Share feedback link which can be found by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl.