Favorite Theme You Use

The blue was just offputting lol. Not as bad if u look at it for a little bit

I usually prefer a deep blue theme. Understandable if you’re not used to that much of it :sweat_smile:


I use something that is a little like @IroncladDev 's theme: https://replit.com/theme/@RandomDreamWalker2011/eternity-of-pain-theme
Please don’t question the readability and the name

You actually use that?

I wouldn’t question either except that you find your eternal pain readable.

My one SalladShooter’s Personal Theme

The one I use:


I made it by using random colors and hoping they look good together, and I think they look pretty good

But my favorite theme I’ve made is Roblox Studio, I’m just too used to Replit themes to use it


Honestly, I think I like the first one better.


Well, I used Roblox Studio a lot before using Replit.

Wow, this looks amazing! I like grayish colors better than bright colors.

my theme ofc! (this is a joke)

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Nothing appears…

Click use theme, it won’t show with just the editor. It’s special that way.

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OUCH, my eyes!

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I have a dark one too, if you can find it =P

I use the default. I like the darker look, and just dont have a reason to change.


clicking preview was a baaaaaaad idea

Roblox studio https://replit.com/theme/@QwertyQwerty54/roblox-studio

It’s pretty nice


You might be the first person here to not use their own theme.

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It varies depending on my mood, but right now I use Hyper. I like the use of italics in it (which I have no idea how to implement) and variety of color.

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There’s not an option for italics when making a theme. It sounds vaguely familiar that there were once more options though.