Favorite Theme You Use

What theme do you use?

  • VS Code Dark
  • Dark Rainbow
  • Terminal
  • alana’s theme
  • Other (LINK and COMMENT BELOW)

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I like to use Penguin Life

The default Dark theme…


I am on Ask so much that I cloned its theme for Replit. I use https://replit.com/theme/@CoderElijah/replit-ask. It is very close, especially the code part (though the UI is not bad).

It is like 2 shades darker, but pretty close ig.

I took screenshots and extracted the hex values but yeah, somehow it isn’t quite right. I’m open to suggestions.

I use the Cool Blue theme that I made myself. It still use it all the time now when I code.

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I really like that. I’m sticking with “mine” since it’s helpful for mainsite to look like Ask, but that is a good theme.

I wish VSCode theme was a choice on Ask. Absolutely beautiful and deserves infinite respect in my opinion.

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That may be, but the CSS on Ask is also amazing. IIRC ReplitIronClad made it.

i like to use my own theme even tho it is dark theme but the way I want it https://replit.com/theme/@Parker2991/dark-theme-my-version


The name is wrong, was supposed to be something like Deep Waters lol

I use my own, popular Github Theme here.

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How does it get so many installs?

It’s called being a good theme maker

I use mine, really wish I could change the name, but I cannot.

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I do wish I could change my theme name too.

Add a space between the comma and “really”.
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Huh. Gboard usually does that. I guess the asterisk threw it off.

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I use darkness - Replit and if anyone wants to take the time, could you please make a version where the buttons arent pink?

Nope. You can’t fork themes so that would be too hard. There’s a feature request that I made but Replit hasn’t done anything about it yet.