Exit() function would not run in my code

Problem description

When I use the exit( ) function in my code and run it, the console doesn’t run, and just keeps loading forever.

Expected behavior

I expected the code to just run, as it was copied directly from the tutorial

Actual behavior

The code just keeps loading, and the run button says “working”. The only way is to refresh my screen. Control C doesnt work and I cant stop the process.

Steps to reproduce

go into the 100 days of python challange, and suppositly it happened to all the days. But for day 17 the exit function is taught and this is when it happened. I copied the code from the tutorial and ran it, which caused an error


Google Chrome


Mac book

Device if mobile



free tier

Please upload screenshots

Screenshot 2024-03-28 075559.png

This is a known issue, the workaround is to not use exit(), or remove the Interpreter from the Repl.


This should be fixed now so a workaround will no longer be needed for those in the future. Thanks for reporting!


This is not fixed.

I’m using the exit() function to break out of a function I’ve created, and whenever the exit() or quit() functions are in the code, and I try to load replit, the load/working is non-stop. But, when I comment out the exit() code replit works as normal.

It’s not “fixed” in the sense that it doesn’t break interpreter repls, rather that the interpreter isn’t in 100 DoC repls anymore.