Error: null in devtools.js, line 74

Hey everyone! I make games and apps. Some time ago I started making a browser game “Hide 'n Seek”. I made it on the Kaboom game framework. And since yesterday I continued to make the game. But the most important thing: when I fixed one mistake in the code (not exactly a mistake: the button for selecting the mode was uneven, if that’s important), then I got a blank black screen without buttons and text. I decided to look into the console, and instead of the usual “ReferenceError” type error, there was a base class Error: Error: null. The error was caused in the devtools.js file on line 74. After I removed the section of code that aligns the button, everything worked. And this happens very often now. How can I now handle the event without having to replace the left mouse button press with “p” key presses?

please give the link to this repl


@BananaPi answer, if you can

I don’t know what’s wrong, @NataliaKazakiev

interesting, I’m getting the same error rn

here’s the Repl:

you know how to fix it?