error: illegal start of expression and error: <identifier> expected

Just need a little help with this error I’m running into! Super simple for my intro to java class, for most of you its a cake walk. Any help appreciated!

./ error: illegal start of expression
public static void(String[] args) {
./ error: <identifier> expected
public static void(String[] args) {
2 errors
exit status 1

you forgot to add the method name while writing the public static void(String[] args) {. to fix it you can just the name of the method (example: public static void main(String[] args) {)

I have that near the bottom where I am expeting user input…

oh I see let me try that

@sariend it seems to still come up with an error saying illegal start of expression…

public static void TestAverageAndGrade(String[] args) {

theres 2 different brackets pointing in the opposite directions. im assuming this is what’s causing the error

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