Embed Replit in Microsoft OneNote

Did you know you or your students can embed Replit in a Microsoft OneNote document as easily as pasting the link?

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Does this work in all versions of OneNote? Because I can’t seem to ever get that working… I just get this:

I have tried OneNote for Windows 10 and also Office 365. Have tried python and javascript Repls…

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Hi @MrBrash happy to try and help resolve this. I’ve tested it on O365. Posting the link and then pressing return works for me but maybe if you are able to share the affected OneNote I can try adding the same Repl to your OneNote?

I am using O365, and when I paste a link to a repl, I get a page not found. It is as if the repl must not be tied to an account for that to work.

Appreciate the offer for help. I’ve created a brand new file and inserted a link to a brand new “Hello World” repl. I will link to it below.

After inserting the link, I see this:

But when I click on the circular arrow to run it, I see this:

Hopefully this link to the OneNote file works.

And this is the repl I tried to embed: OneNoteTest - Replit

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Hi @MrBrash I was able to see the same issue.

Can you try adding ?embed=true to the end of the URL and see if this works better for you?

this link


Hey - similar but different issue. Now it does this:

The plot thickens - it works if I do it via OneNote.com but not in the app.

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It seems to work for me if I view OneNote in MS Teams rather than the OneNote App (macbook).
Or if I use the OneNote App at home rather than through the School’s internet connection.

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