Eliminate extra tab when viewing submissions in Teams for Edu

Not so much a requested feature, but a fix to a current feature. In the new layout, anytime I open a project submitted by one of my students, my screen is split into 3 different tabbed windows. As you can see in the screenshot, the third window, which contains the “Instructions” and “Submissions” tabs, is not nearly wide enough to be able to read the content very well. I have to drag these tabs to the middle window with the “Webview” (or Console) and “Shell” tabs.

Can the “Instructions” and “Submissions” tabs be set to open in this middle tabbed window by default and eliminate the 3rd window?

Also, while you’re at it… Can you please set the Tools menu to be collapsed by default? Or allow a user to create a saved “layout”?

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Yes I can because It could be set by going into settings. And going to tols menu and at hitting the x on the top right. Though I don’t know how to add it back on again

I agree that by default there should be two windows instead of three, but I disagree that the Tools menu should be collapsed by default since I frequently click on Submissions and Tests when grading.