Education limit reached?

Hey guys, I wanna set up a team with a few of my friends to teach them coding and stuff.
I was in 2 edu teams already, so I left one (the other is my school’s).
Now I tried to create a new team and it said limit reached? I never created one in the past though.

Hey @NateDhaliwal!

How many groups have you created? You can create a total of 5 (that number changes when you delete ones you have made). I hope this helps!


There was 2, and now 1. Education Teams.
(I’m in 4 friend teams)

@NateDhaliwal not just education teams, just teams you made in general (you also create a team when you create the EDU thing).

Now I have 3 Friends teams, and 1 EDU team.
That’s 4, but it still says limit reached.

May I also add that I created a friends team, but I cannot find it (that’s why it looks like 3 teams for friends).
How can I get it back? Going to the URL leads me to the homepage.
Now I have to leave/delete another friends team (I don’t want to, 1 is moogle, and the other is WCC, and the last is me and my good friend).
There was a bug report on this previously, but has not been solved.

How many teams did you make, and how many are you an admin of?

Made 2, admin of both, in 3 or 4 (or 5, if you count EDU)


I didn’t ask how many you’re in. I asked how many you’re an admin of.

So you own and are an admin of 2? Hmm, what is the exact message it’s giving you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Actually idk what admin is.
Okok, I own 2. (I don’t think) admin of any.

I’m also a student of a EDU team, that may be the problem.

If you’re an admin, you can remove and add people to the team.

No, it’s not.

It says Organisation limit reached.
Odd, because just now it said since I was a student of a edu team I need to be a teacher or something, but nvm.

The first time, I get this error:

Oops, there was a problem.
Looks like you’re a student in a Teams for Education organization already. Organization creation is only for teachers and faculty of approved education organizations. If that’s you, please log out and create a new teacher account. You will then be able to create a new organization

The second time, I get this error:

Organisation limit reached

Any ideas?