Eaglercraft of @ayunami2000

idk some people dont read? or Mojang is just salty they bought Minecraft for 2.5 billion when everyone else bought it $30

They didn’t DMCA eaglercraft directly, they sent a DMCA to Replit asking them to take it down

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Mojang did not buy Minecraft, Microsoft did, and it is also probably them who are filing these requests.

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uh i am Working on A project (for 1.9.4 version)
Cannot mension Name on replit

since the eaglercraft client is what would for the most part have ANY chance of containing mojang copyrighted resources could @ayunami2000 simply remove the client from the server software and get it reinstated? if @ayunami2000 could would he be able to also make it so that the server reads the server IP in the console, so people know how to join the server @not-ethan @qirtaiba

I do not know but probably not. Since I’m a community mod and not a Replit staff member I don’t make these kinds of decisions.

So there isnt anyway to make a server, with replit. But how can i make a 1.5.2 with another hoster or sum? Thanks
Rip Eaglercraft

Mojang reached out to us because of the eaglercraft servers hosted on Replit was infringing their copyright.
Under no circumstances will we be allowing eaglercraft servers on Replit.


Look in your trash. Click your name in the top left corner, then CLUI, then trash. You should be able to find it there.


please someone tell me, hopefully there’s a way i could go back playing the game

there’s no way Microsoft filed a copyright claim

oh okay** :smiling_face_with_tear:** but is there a way they could make eaglecraft again?

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um no because of the copyright claim

okay :sob: :face_holding_back_tears: i mean i know i could just get the real minecraft , but i dont have the money -_-

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:wink: just save up 26.95 USD

alright :slightly_frowning_face: :rofl: :smiley: ill try my best…

thank you btw, ik people probably already know this, im kinda slow when im tired…
thank you again :smiley: love to be friends with you if thats okay

I looked through the form and found nothing that would help me fix this does anyone know how to fix it?


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Mojang/Microsoft sent a Cease and Desist to replit for eaglercraft servers, and as such replit can no longer allow them.