Duplicating replit in education teams with solution produces unexpected result

Problem description:
For repls in educational teams It is typical that teacher prepares some boilerplate code (e.g. prepared classes, unit testing frameworks and other packages). Because this is time-consumming process, we quite often create follow-up repls by copying existing ones.

The problem (weird behaviour) occurs when the repl is accompanied by a solution.

Expected behavior:
When I copy a project in educational teams and then rename it, then

  • The solution is renamed as well
  • Or the solution is removed (because most probably, many parts of the code will change after and it is a lot of work to update everything twice - once for the assignment and once in the solution)

Actual behavior:
The solution is copied together with old repl name and is not anyhow linked to the code that will be updated in the newly copied and renamed repl.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a repl in teams for education, name it e.g. assignmentOne, add a solution to it, the system automatically names it assignmentOne - solution. Then duplicate the project, rename it to assignmentTwoand see, how its solution is named: assignmentOne - solution (1)