Drag to change parent of file!

Being able to drag and drop anything like a file or folder into another folder on mobile like how you can do it on a PC (if not drage amd drop then in some other way but please do it)

It will solve the problem of jot being able to move files into other folders from here to there on mobile if you can’t currently get on your PC or for any other reason.

I was trying to put and image file into a folder after uploading it (I was doing this on the mobile)

You can’t do the above when on mobile weather it is on the mobile app or on chrome if it is opened on a mobile.


Welcome to the community! Nice idea by the way :smiley:

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This is a good feature request. But for now, you can use the Shell and use the mv command to move files from one folder to another.


Thanks!! I was looking for a way to move a file on my mobile device, How did I forget about shell…