Download as zip error 404

yeah same old error here
I tried to download my game from Replit and it directed me to a new site. At here, it said: " Not found error: This is not the page you’re looking for."

If you think this is a mistake, check the [status page] for active incidents, [contact support] or [ask the community]

I’ve looked for many ways from all around this forum and couldn’t find a way to solve this.

If you can find a solution, thank you so much stranger.
Here is a screenshot of it :

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Hi there!

Can you send the link to the Repl? This will let us look into it a little further. By the information you have already posted, we only have a general understanding of your issue, and we can’t really get any more information without some links.

Follow the “Linking to a Repl” step here:

Hi @vaishnaovaidya2 , welcome to the forums!
Are you experiencing this issue too?
Try this link to download your code. I added .zip at the back of your code:

Hope this helps!