Dotnet Build Errors (pls help im bad at coding and on chromebook)

Every time I try to run my code, it says this: (Look Below) can someone explain?

error snippet:

Hello @Louie-G and welcome to the community.

As the error says “The reference assemblies for .NETFramework were not found”

It means that the necessary .NET Framework version is not installed on your system or is not being recognized by the build process.

You either install the Developer Pack ( .NET Framework 4.0 Client ) or retarget your application to another version.


So I checked, and the .NET 4.0 is out of service, what now, alter the .nix to say to use 6 or 7.0 instead, or do I have to recode everything?

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Nevermind, that question just answered itself.

Sigh RIP .NET 4.0, You will be missed.

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And Thanks BTW for the help!

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