Does anyone have a way to have a secure testing evironment in replit?

I would love to be able to give a quiz or test type assignment in replit without my students going into other assignments, the internet, chatgpt, their personal replits, etc. My school district has already purchased lockdown browser and it is available on all student devices. student devices are Apple laptops.

Any suggestions would be amazing!

Could you not use the safe exam browser and whitelist the replit domain? Would give access to replit but prevent others. Not sure if you would be able to prevent them from accessing their own previous replits or any teams coursework though


We use brightspace in our district and lockdown browser. In the lockdown settings I whitelist a simple online IDE (Online Python Compiler (Interpreter)) and have them code in there. Then they need to copy their code and paste it into the brightspace written response area for submission.

I would love to see the ability to lock down into replit (maybe a specific domain?) but one that prevents users from accessing their old assignments or anyone else’s material.

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