Docs for recoding Replit's ModelFarm API in other Languages

NOTE: Only Subscription users using/above the Hacker plan may use the Model-Farm.

Describe your feature request

FAQs, README’s, and Docs for Replit’s Model-Farm Web API (

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

This would allow people who have a subscription and have access to this Web API an easy way to understand and build Wrappers for the WAPI in a more efficient way.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I was looking for FAQ’s on their WAPI (, and I couldn’t find anything!

In fact, if you were to search google for the URL, all you should see are my Forum posts of me making a wrapper for the Model-Farm in Oak, and not anything officially Replit.

As someone with a Pro subscription, I have access to this, but do not enjoy the hassle of having to understand code from languages I’ve never used, and recode in a simpler one. is a website that DOES explain how to use the modules, but not how it actually works or what each Endpoint does.

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@masfrost @JimmyAustin would one of you be able to provide documentation or ways to authenticate and establish an “audience,” along with using the model-farm?


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Please dont ping Replit staff unless they said its ok to ping them or if they have partipated in the topic


Noted, but I don’t see any rule about this anywhere.


the underlying endpoints are not finalized yet (they’re v1beta), and we will likely make changes to them endpoints in the next month.


Sounds good.

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Has the API changed since?
Wondering since I was going to pick up my Oak AI stuff again.

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Has the API been updated since then?

Still waiting for these documents, although I’ve decided to just dive into the source after learning more about JS and Oak as a whole.

Should be able to reverse it after learning the syntax of Oak after lots of playing with the language.

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