Django app, user login not possible on

Hi, I try to migrate an existing django app, which is already running on other platforms, to, but the user login is not possible (403). Tried a lot, but keep on having the login problem. Does anyone have an django app with authentication running an Thanks

Can you give more detail on the error?


Hey @mrussmann welcome to the forums!

Please send a link to the Repl and explain your error in more detail. A code snippet would also be useful.


Hi, now its working but notin in the Webview, there is still an error message: Forbidden (CSRF cookie not set.) and a 403. How the Webview is implemented? Is it possible to set a cookie in the dev Webview Environment or which settings have to be made? thanks

You can’t use the webview because in webview it can’t save the csrf token because it’s not an actual browser it’s just showing you what the website front-end looks like so you have to open the website in an actual browser for it to work

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Thanks you, is it possible to debug a django app?

Yes, how you would normally debug it with python should work. If any of the fancy ui does not work, there are always print statements.

Click on ‘new tab’ to open the page in a browser and voila! Thank you!