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Question: Iam Coding a Discord bot but There is one Problem, There is something wrong But idk what is wrong can some one help me please?

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Hey, @DlhadQuadi welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code:

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That should cause an error. async is a builtin keyword, and I dont think you can overwrite it like that.

The reason for the error was that they didn’t provide a name to the function.


hey there, you seem to be maliciously attempting to nuke servers with profanities so I will not help you. Futhermore, I could pull a robin hood here and actually use your token to do something else like make an anti nuke bot


The Error is still There, and how can i add a Function to That?

Hey me and my friend Are Trying to Build an Nuke bot, we would Never Nuke a Server. We Are just trying to Improve our Coding Skills!!!

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you are trying to build a bot to not use it so that you can learn to make them. to use them later. :man_facepalming: making nuke bots is a specific art and something you learn – you learn things to use them. Therefore, you are learning to make it. to. use. it. Moreover, if you really wanted to learn how to use discord.py better you would have tried making a simple bot before nuke bots


Regardless if you are using it or not using it on a server, creating nuke bots on Replit is still not allowed, mainly because a bad actor could just fork your code and then use it for malicious purposes.

Also, while this is just speculation I guess, your code does make it look like it will be used on a server, but that’s just me