Difference between Repl & Team Project

I am trying to create a team to use as a training course. I want the “units” to represent Modules for group purposes to include a set of 1+ projects that the students can work on. This is fairly straightforward to setup from scratch, but I want to import git repos for the projects.

I can import git repos into my personal account @johnd67 and create repls. I can then “fork” the repl and indicate the the team is the owner of the for (ie. @[team-name]). I can see the repl is forked if I enter the new URL in a brower tab (…/@team-name/repl-name) but when I go to the actual team (…/@[team-name] or if I go the team url (…/teams/[team-name] the forked repl is missing.

If I try to import directly to the owner [@team-name] I get the same result.

Note that I can create a project in the team and have that project initialize to github to create a repo. The problem is that the github repo already exists and the starting point for the content.