Diagnosing Replit Loading Issues

Sometimes, Replit might not load on your device for a variety of reasons. If your repl isn’t loading, first try clearing your cookies and browser cache, and then check status.replit.com for any outages.

  1. Click on the lock icon next to replit.com, then Cookies and site data
  2. Click on Manage on-device site data
  3. Press the trashcan icon next to replit.com
  1. Open Safari settings, then go to Privacy

  2. Select Manage Website Data, then search for replit.com. Then click on Remove All
  1. Click on the lock, then Cookies, then on replit.com, then on Remove.
  1. Click on the lock icon, then on Clear cookies and site data

If that doesn’t work, use a different browser, or even a different device.

Sometimes, the issue might be caused by your current wifi network or network-wide firewall. Try switching to mobile data, or using a different wifi network or internet connection (such as using McDonalds’ Free Wifi).

If none of the above work, please send us a screenshot of the Console tab in Inspect Element so that we can see if there are any relevant network-related errors.


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