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How can I delete multiple projects?

I imported some projects and deleted the unit as I no longer required but all the repls have still remained. Manually deleting is going to take ages.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @ssptcolc , welcome to the forums!
In the 3 dots next to the repl, you can click ‘Select’, and select more repls (I believe there is a checkbox), and then delete them in bulk.
Hope this helps!

After I click the 3 dots, i get this:

There is no option to select or checkbox. I have more than a 100 repls to delete.

Hi @ssptcolc !
Could you just delete the whole unit?

Hi @NateDhaliwal ,

I deleted the unit but it only allows you to delete the unit structure and not the repls inside

Hi @ssptcolc !
This isn’t an existing feature, but you can request it by creating a Feature Requests !

So I have delete one by one :expressionless: