DB Usage Tracking Doesn't Support Multiple Repls On One DB

I have two repls. They both use the same postgresDB. A DB cannot be associated with two repls. This means the usage tracking only shows one repl. I’d like to see the split in usage.

Just as a bit of context to why I do this. I have one private app I use for generating content into the DB, and another app that displays the DB content as a public website. It’d help a lot to understand how much each contributes to DB usage. On a related note, any ability to understand more about DB usage would be really helpful.

You can just use the provided credentials to sign in to the database on your other repl, but you are correct that you cannot view it across repls.

On the contrary, Neon (the PostgreSQL provider) is basically just giving replit the data to provide to you, as the developer, and showing the data in the repl. (which would otherwise be visible on Neon itself)

All in all, it kind of makes sense why it may only be on one repl, as it really is just a way to access premium Neon databases through Replit Core, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and agree that it could be a cool and useful feature.


Really appreciate the response. Yes, I just use the same credentials. I can see it being a pain to implement. But equally I think it can be dangerous to have a situation where a repl is using limited resources and you can’t know that connection without going into the repl’s code.

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