Day 098 - Project 98 : Automate! Automate!

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Question on the use of time.sleep to reduce CPU usage: Let’s say I want the program to email me every 30 minutes. What’s the proper way to set up time.sleep() in this case?

More specifically:

  • Do I need to set the argument within time.sleep() as a divisor of the every() argument? So lets say every 15 minutes (900 seconds) or exactly every 30 minutes (1800 seconds)?
  • Or can I set the time.sleep to eg 29 minutes (1740 seconds).
  • Or does setting time.sleep() at 29 minutes make the while True “miss” the scheduled email send?

Hopefully this questions makes sense…

Hey @BrianSze,

if it was me, since you’re using time.sleep I would do :


I think that would be perfect!

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Fair point. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Did Gmail disable the ability to create app passwords? I couldn’t follow along with my gmail account.

Also, the quote list referenced in the Day 98 Challenge does not appear to be included in my Day 98 lesson.

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Hello, my day 98 got flagged too 4 times… anyone can help me where I can see the reason or who can I contact regarding my flagged repls (help is redirecting me here) although its not that big deal to me but I need to know why its being flagged?.. no communication made to me before the flag and the reasons why its flagged is not visible to me too… My code is literally made from what I learned along the way for the past day challenges.

Hoping Replit share the reason to me.


Hi Repolyo! We were testing a moderation tool and it flagged your Repl as spam because there are many other similarly published Days of Code Repls. This was not your fault and you did nothing wrong, it’s on our end. Feel free to re-publish and sorry for the inconvenience!


I thought it was something else, Thank you :pray: RayAtReplit for sharing :pray: God bless you.

Hi @RayAtReplit, sorry to bother you but both are still being flagged after re-publishing them like 4 times in one publish. Should I wait until it get fixed?. Let me know your reco for my end here🙏. Thank you.

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I am struggling to generate an app password for gmail and yahoo mail can anyone assist?

I am struggling with this issue, have you figured it out?

I never found a solution for this with gmail, unfortunately. I ended up just printing outputs instead.