Day 066 - Project 66 : Calculator

ahhhhh, why must you use global?

Is there a way to restart a lesson?
I was working through day 66 but now it just won’t load the repl. I’ve updated my browser (chrome), I’ve closed the browser, reopened it, I’ve tried everything I can think of. Other repls are opening fine.

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Hey there! Check this out:


thanks! glad to know it’s not just me haha

The code isn’t working. Nothing is getting printed.

Hey @ApoorvGoyal2!

Can you please provide a link to your Repl so we can look into it further?


I realised that the delay was that the GUI was showing up in the Output tab, not the console!


I’m attempting to add a decimal point button to the calculator.

I’ve gotten it to the point where it almost works, but it automatically inserts a 0 after that decimal point.

For example : I press 1 . 1 and it gives me 1.01.

There's also this (solution spoilers):

even though it does work (other than inserting the unwanted 0.)

If anyone wouldn’t mind taking a look at their leisure here’s a link to a copy.

Nvm I asked ai and it helped me. Sorry.