Day 043 - Project 43: Bingo Card Generator

I received an error for the prettyPrint() command but when I compare my code to the answer it seems to be the same. However, I did notice that the prettyPrint()command seems to be nested within the parameters assigned as bingo at the bottom.

The AI debugger is also suggesting a solution that I can’t seem to implement:

“The error in your project is that the closing parenthesis for the bingo list is missing in the prettyPrint function call.”

Is this a formatting issue or something else?

Repl link:

import random

bingo = []

def ran():
  number = random.randint(1,90)
  return number

def prettyPrint():
  for row in bingo:

numbers = []
for i in range(8):


bingo = [  [numbers[0], numbers[1], numbers[2]],
          [numbers[3], "BINGO", numbers[4]],
          [numbers[5], numbers[6], numbers[7] 


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