Cycles to Dollars, or vice versa

A simple cycles to dollars conversion website. I used my own website template by the way

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You should note the currency you are using, USD, because for example I live in Australia where we use AUD. Cool project! (I love the UI!) You might also want to take into account in your cycles to dollars conversion that Replit takes 25% when you cashout so you should probably also subtract a quarter of the total dollar amount. :slight_smile:

Edit: also, both converters are labelled ‘Dollars to cycles’, I think you meant to name the second ‘Cycles to dollars’.

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Thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions for the UI?

Maybe you could add a hover effect to the buttons? Otherwise, I think the then is nice and simple and works well. For some reason, the background around the buttons and inputs seems almost like a gradient. I’m pretty sure that’s just my eyes deceiving me, but it looks really nice either way.