Cycles = Bitcoin?

I think I speak for everyone here that

  • Cycles shouldn’t just be used for bounties
  • It shouldn’t be crypto

What are your thoughts?


My only question is: Who on earth voted “Yes”???


my problem with this is that Bitcoin is really volatiile; businesses (replit’s new audience IMO) and users don’t want to pay for something that is extremely volatile and can crash, and lose money while doing so?


I agree. I think it should be able to be used to pay for anything on Replit.

I agree it shouldn’t but im not against being able to purchase cycles with crypto or cash out to crypto instead of USD (or some other currency).


Ohhhhhhhhhh boy.

It all makes sense now why the Terms say:

Replit is a dumpster fire right now. No, a train wreck. No, a dumpster fire riding on a train wreck. So fun to see them squeeze in just one more bad decision! :smiley:


you can convert cycles to usd$

Yeah, but if I had to guess, that probably has a tax (like, they’ll take off 10% or something) but idk. And that’s also pretty tedious: converting Cycles to USD to take them out of the platform, then using those USD to pay for more stuff on the platform and putting it back into the platform.

you can finish bounties and make actual money


Also, welcome back!

This will probably introduce more fees too.

If Replit takes their normal cut, when it’s transferred to your “wallet” it’ll be more to cash out then it was with the current system. This is just bad for bounty posters + hunters alike.


When you cash out for Bounties I believe they take 10% off your revenue. Just like when you get tipped they take 10% of the cycles.

You can only do that for Bounties, and you have to earn a certain amount. Most of the Bounties these days are difficult for people who have never done any bounties, as they are asking for full scale apps and such. Even the lower paying Bounties are still very difficult to do most of the time.

Like everyone is saying Crypto instead of Cycles?! That’s a horrible idea since at anytime Crypto can crash and Replit loses money (but technically the prices of Crypto and any Stock Market incline overtime even if they crash they will always eventually get higher than before). I do like not-ethan’s idea of being able to purchase Cycles with Crypto and other currencies, and if someone pays in Crypto eventually Replit could make more money.

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Can’t we just choose how we want to receive our payouts? I get that this a tech company that wants to do all the ‘tech company things’, but it’s kinda stupid we can’t get payouts in a more stable currency. I suppose we can cashout at any point now, though.


BTC is just too commonly used everywhere.

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And it will make Replit seem like one of those hip tech startups ran by crypto bros.

I feel like the wave of NFTs and crypto happened almost 3 years ago.

My question is where is Replit getting this data? I don’t think many people (who put thought into it/“top creators”) would want this, or any of the recent changes.

The poll took place on X (formerly Twitter)

It would be cool if they did them on Ask too.


Ask “is a minority”
like the people on twitter aren’t lol


Thats valid one :+1:

As per topic: Bitcoin being world-wide known scam, Im strongly against.


I concur with the points you have brought forth.