Custom 404 redirect

Hello! I was wondering how to make a custom 404 page for my replit.

Custom URL:
Replit URL:

Hi @CarsonD-github unfortunately you won’t be able to do this as the .htaccess file is not accessible on Replit.

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What do you mean? I thought replit didn’t even use Apache.

Are you implying that Replit uses apache for a webserver? :eyes:

Couldn’t they simply create a non-static repl and use nginx or expressjs for that?

That’s right @9pfs1 , maybe I wasn’t clear with my original response. Would “there isn’t a .htaccess file to change in the first place” be a better way to phrase this?

I haven’t seen any examples of working custom 404 pages on Replit but happy to be corrected if it is possible.

Here’s an example (not really custom, but I could change it if I wanted to and had something to change it to):

Well that’s cool! Thanks for sharing this @9pfs1 - would the OP benefit from looking at something like this site for setup details? How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in NGINX

They never even mentioned Apache, so I think it’s strange that you assumed that they were using Apache.

Probably, although they’d need to have nginx set up first.

It has been a common question in the past and on searching previous posts the solutions were usually my original response.

Thanks for pointing the OP in the direction of nginx. If it helps @CarsonD-github mark @9pfs1’s post as a solution.

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